Get Ready to Move!

Well, we are making an unplanned move!  Our traffic is so high – image hosting is becoming a problem – lol!  Within a week of changing to photobucket (traffic was so high images were appearing black at times when hosted on WP) – we reached the bandwidth limit!

Though I do NOT want to move – lol – it seems that is the most prudent choice at this time – just to move it all to a dedicated server through ScrappyStation.Net.  It was cheaper to do that than paying the upgrade to photobucket!

So – though we are in the process of the move (I need to update the sidebar links)  – I thought we’d go ahead and get this out there to visitors!  Our new home:

So, when you’re adding those fan blinkies with links – be sure to update the link!  Sorry – this was so unexpected!  It was not what I had in mind to be doing today!

However, it does signal that we do have tons of traffic and so that I am thrilled for!  Will have a new grab bag Reveal for you at the new home by tomorrow!

Thanks so much!